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Песня: Thunderstrike (волынка & rock cover)

Дата добавления: 2015-03-01

Музыкант или группа: AC/DC

Текст песни просмотрели: 514

Продолжительность: 03:40

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Текст песни:

We all came down to Montreaux
On the lake Geneva shore line
To make records with the mobile
We didn't have much time

Frank Zappa and the Mothers
We had the best place around
But some stupid with a flare-gun
bruned the place to the ground

Smoke on the water
A fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

They burned down the gambling house
it died with an awful sound
The funky claude was running in and out
pulling kids out on the ground

When it all was over
We had to find another place
The Swiss time was running out
It seemed that we would lose the race

Smoke on the water
A fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

We ended up at the Grand Hotel
It was empty cold and bare
but with the rolling truck stones thing just outside
making our music there

With a few red lights, a few old beds
We made a place to sweat
No matter what we get out of this, I know
I know I'll never forget

Smoke on the water
A fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

The BadPiper - ThunderStruck
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